Representation: Landowner
Company: Holiday Brook Farm

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Dicken has been shaking saw dust out of his boots for 36 years.  The first 15 years were split between contract logging and working on family land.   In 1991 he took on the role of manager of Holiday Brook Farm and began spending summers shaking hay chaff out of his boots instead.   Having gotten a knack for running a non-profit business, Dicken has become a good candidate for the boards of many non-profit organizations.   He spent a couple decades on the board of the Berkshire Natural Resource Council.  In 1996 he was asked to serve as a trustee of the Mass Environmental Trust.  Later Dicken joined the board of the Massachusetts Forestry Association, which became the MA Forest Landowners Association and is now the Massachusetts Land League.  Dicken now serves as the President of the Massachusetts Forest Alliance.

Dicken also sits on the board of directors of the Center for Northern Woodlands Conservation, the publisher of Northern Woodlands magazine.  Holiday Brook Farm has diversified over the years with a compost operation, livestock (cows, sheep and pigs), vegetables for a CSA, maple syrup, firewood and of course, forest management.  His boots tell the story, saw dust, hay, manure and dirt trumped throughout the board rooms of some very good organizations.