Ecological Silviculture in the Context of Climate Change webinar

September 19, 2023 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
National Conservation Training Center

The U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center will hold an Ecological Silviculture in the Context of Climate Change webinar on September 19th from 1 – 2 pm EDT.

This webinar is part of a 12 month series that explains how small- and large-scale forest disturbances, such as fire, wind, ice storms, hurricanes, etc and introduced and endemic forest pests, and others, affect forest ecosystems. The series will also examine ecological silviculture and climate adaptation approaches to help inform forest and wildlife management.

In this first webinar, Anthony D’Amato from the University of Vermont will discuss ecological silviculture, including silvicultural systems by forest types and the micro and macro disturbance regimes impacting forests.

The Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change Network (ASCC) will be introduced along with examples of the work ASCC is doing across the U.S. and Canada.


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