Family Forest Carbon Program webinar for Massachusetts Landowners

January 10, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Gregory A Cox
413 339-5526

To help woodland owners earn income from their land while fighting climate change, the American Forest Foundation, which sponsors the American Tree Farm System, and The Nature Conservancy have begun the Family Forest Carbon Program.  This program partners with family and individual landowners to manage their woodlands in ways that improve forest health and increase carbon sequestration and storage, while balancing other important benefits from our forests and earning income.

Under this program, which began enrolling landowners in western & central Massachusetts, Vermont and eastern New York in July, landowners can get technical assistance and annual payments if they commit to either doing climate-smart harvests to increase carbon storage, or to delay harvests entirely for 20 years

The Massachusetts Tree Farm Program and the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation have arranged for interested landowners and Tree Farmers to be able to take part in a two-part online program on January 10th to find out how the Family Forest Carbon program works and whether it might be something they would want to participate in.

The first part of the program is to view an online presentation that was taped this fall that explains how the program works.  This should be done before the second part and can be done days in advance.  To view the online presentation, go to:

A pdf copy of the online presentation can be downloaded at


The second part of the program, which will be held live on Zoom at 7 pm on January 10th, is a Question & Answer Session for landowners with Patty Ruby from the Family Forest Carbon Program and Laura Marx, a Climate Solutions Scientist from TNC.  They will answer questions about how the program works, which woodland owners are eligible to participate, how to enroll in the program, how consulting foresters and land trusts can work with the program, and how this program contrasts with other carbon market programs.

To take part in the live Zoom meeting, either click on the following link:   Meeting ID: 947 6495 2758

or join by phone at (301) 715-8592   Meeting number: 94764952758


For more information about the Family Forest Carbon Program, visit their website at