Managing Your Woodlands with Prescribed Fire webinar

05 May
May 28, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm
North Carolina State University Extension

North Carolina State University Extension will hold a Woodland Owner Lunch and Learn webinar on Managing Your Woodlands with Prescribed Fire on May 28th at 1 pm EDT.

Prescribed fire is a safe way to apply a natural process, ensure ecosystem health, and reduce the wildfire risk to people, homes, and natural resources. It is also one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools that landowners and land managers use.

Prescribed fire is used as a forest management tool for wildfire risk reduction, wildlife management, and many other purposes. This webinar presented by Jennifer Fawcett and Laurel Keys from NC State Extension Forestry, will address considerations related to prescribed burning such as benefits and uses, liability and risk, and technical and financial assistance. This information will be most useful for landowners who are considering or are currently using prescribed fire on their land. Training resources available to landowners will also be discussed.

Fire benefits the ecosystem in a variety of ways. Fire is responsible for enhancing forest aesthetics and managing competitive vegetation. Wildlife benefit from an increase in food and browse and the habitat maintenance brought on by fire when herbaceous cover is controlled.

Prescribed fire is used to reduce hazardous fuel (live and dead flammable plant material) buildups, thus reducing wildfire risk and providing increased protection to people, their homes and the forest. Other uses include disease control in young pines, range management, preservation of endangered plant and animal species and the maintenance of fire-dependent ecosystems.

Fire has the ability to encourage germination, growth, and increase nutrient availability for desired plant species, including some valuable timber species, while getting rid of many undesirable plants.

Whether you are managing your land for wildlife, timber, recreation such as hiking, hunting or bird-watching, or you just want to keep your woods healthy, prescribed fire provides an inexpensive way to reach these goals.

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