Timber Sales: Is it Time to Cut webinar

31 Mar
April 9, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
North Carolina State University Extension

North Carolina State University Extension will hold a 75 minute Woodland Owner Lunch and Learn webinar on Timber Sales: Is it Time to Cut? on April 9th at noon Eastern time

A landowner need not sell timber frequently to sell it successfully, but selling timber still can be a mysterious and complex process.

Learning from experience can be very expensive when it comes to timber sales, many of which are once- or twice-in-a-lifetime occurrences. Years of growth and value are accumulated in a mature timber stand, and the combined annual income from all those years is frequently marketed in a single transaction. When and how you sell your timber can influence how much money you make, your overall financial plans, the cost of forest regeneration, and other management objectives.

Too much is at stake for you to sell timber without an understanding of the markets and of the quality and quantity of your timber. There are no daily market price reports for standing timber (stumpage), nor are there any government support prices. Demand and price for many timber products fluctuate widely. Remember, a single sale may be your only chance to cash in on the many years of annual income accumulated in a mature timber stand.

In this webinar, Dr. Robert Bardon, Professor of Forestry at NC State, will explain how timber is sold and give tips on seeking professional help. Dr. Rajan Parajuli, Assistant Professor of Forest Economics, will explain markets and provide insight into managing for flat timber prices.

By using this information, you can make your next (or first) timber sale both a pleasant and profitable experience.


To take part in the webinar, go to http://www.forestrywebinars.net/webinars/woodland-owner-lunch-and-learn-timber-sales-is-it-time-to-sell?sr=wp~mkt-whenPub