Chapter 132 Training in June

29 May

The Department of Conservation & Recreation will hold 11 3 – hour Forest Cutting Practices training workshops for licensed timber harvesters in June.

Each of the 11 workshops will include a review of the rules and regulations governing timber harvesting under MGL Chapter 132, the Forest Cutting Practices Act, and the use of BMPs in harvesting.

These workshops will meet the requirement that harvesters must take a 3-hour refresher on Massachusetts forestry laws and regulations at least once every 3 years.

Individual workshops will also include sessions on other forestry topics.  Harvesters can choose which workshop they want to attend, but must preregister because space is limited at some locations. 

Town              Date                Time               Location                                 Contact    

Washington     June 4            12 – 3pm        October Mtn State Forest        Pete Grima  (413) 212-2152 or                                                                                                     

Topics:  permanent bridge installation, gap regeneration                                                                                         

From Route 8 in Becket, take County Rd west 3.5 miles into State Forest past Appalachian Trail crossing and bear left at fork. Entrance will be on left after open water.                                                                

Athol                            June 11         2 – 5 pm         Athol Public Library                Andrew Rawcliffe  (617) 549-1677 or   RSVP by June 6th

Topics: BMPs, red oak silviculture & fire


Pepperell                     June 11         2 – 5 pm         Pepperell Library                     Laura Dooley  (978) 937-2094 X112

Topics: Forest Health, BMPs & Natural Heritage


Belchertown               June 12         1 – 4 pm         Swift River Sportsmans Club      Doug Hutcheson  (413) 545-7020  RSVP by June 5th

Topics:  BMPs and ALB & EAB updates


Deerfield                    June 12         3 – 6 pm         Polish American Club      Sean Libbey  (413) 545-4539 or email  RSVP by June 7th                                                        

Topics: NHESP Update, BMPs, Chapter 132 Review


Barre                          June 13         1-4 pm            Barre Public Library         Chris Capone  (857) 406-0175 or email   RSVP by June 10th

Topics: Gypsy Moth & BMP/Regulations update


Shelburne Falls       June 13         1 – 4 pm         Shelburne Buckland Comm Ctr    Alison Wright-Hunter  (413) 262-2370 or   RSVP by June 7th

Topics: Harvesting BMPs, Forest Health Updates, Markets & Utilization Updates


Rehoboth                  June18          9 – 12 am       Chartley Market                  Guy LaChance  (617) 719-4460

Topics: Chapter 132 updates, BMPs, reading the woodland landscape


South Carver            June 18         3 – 6 pm        Old Barn at Myles Standish SF   Joe Perry  (508) 887-6009

Topics: Ticks, Management forestry, Field tour


Lunenburg                June 19         12:30 – 3:30   Lunenburg Public Library      Michael Downey  (413) 212-3039 or

Topics: Forestry BMPs, ALBs, NHESP review, Marketing & Utilization


Sandisfield                June 19         1 – 4 pm         Sandisfield Arts Center      Tom Ryan  (413) 784-1828 x123  or email  RSVP by June 17th                                                  

Topics: Forest Management & Recreational Trails, Management forestry & Forest Health updates