We are the Forest Economy!

Here at the Massachusetts Forest Alliance we advocate for a strong and sustainable forest economy. But what does that mean? It’s us. Our jobs, our families, our homes, our communities, our businesses – the forest economy is all of us. If you own a few acres or a few thousand acres of family forestland; work in the woods as a logger, forester, wildlife biologist or land manager; if you process wood products in a sawmill, woodshop, or a papermill, if you use wood to heat a business, your home, a school or to provide process heat for an industrial process or to generate electricity; if you manage public or private lands for wildlife, timber production, water protection, or privacy – we advocate for you each and every day.

Showcasing the real people behind our message:
MFA is embarking on a process to create profiles of our industry, and we want your help to do it. Please take a moment to briefly tell us about yourself or someone else you know who is involved in the forest economy. It won’t take long. A team of volunteers will read them all, and reach out and seek more information. Just tell us enough to give us a quick overview of the person, their role, and why you think people should hear their story.

Feel free to nominate as many people as you would like, just use a different form each time. When you finish you will be given the chance to edit or information, or submit another nomination. You don’t need to be an MFA member to nominate or to participate. We want to hear everyone’s story!

Click Here For the Nomination Form

Meet a Timber Harvester: Leo Lacwasan
Meet a Landowner: Averill Cook
Meet a Forester: Brian Hawthorne
Meet a Landowner: The Julian Family
Meet a Timber Harvester: Paul Davis
Meet an Environmental Activist: Elisa Campbell
Meet a Landowner: Greg Cox