Development of Host Tree Resistance to Invasive Insects & Diseases webinars

06 Nov
November 20, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Peter Smallidge
607 592-6340

Emerald Ash Borer/USDA

Cornell Cooperative Extension will hold two one-hour Forest Connect Development of Host Tree Resistance to Restore Landscapes Affected by Invasive Pests webinars on November 20th at noon and 7 pm.

Options for restoring forests degraded by invasive insects and diseases will be examined by Forest Service Research Biologist Jennifer Koch in the context of the goals of the forest manager, which may vary from restoration of ecosystem services to restoring the forest to its pre-invasion state.

The value of genetics and the development of resistance breeding programs as a critical tool for restoration and maintaining healthy, resilient forests will be discussed with a focus on ongoing programs breeding for beech bark disease resistance in American beech and emerald ash borer resistance in North American ash species.

Participants can obtain a registration ID for these webinars via:

If prompted for a password use “Cornell”.