Managing for Old Forest Characteristics webinar

June 15, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Vermont Land Trust

Old forests, with their abundant nesting cavities and down wood in all stages of decay, are important in many ways but are rare in our landscape. In ways that can be both similar to younger forests, and at times unique to old forests, they help to keep the air and water clean, provide habitat for a variety of fungi, plants, and animals, and keep carbon out of the atmosphere. 

We cannot create the old forests that once dominated the Northeast, but we can promote some of their characteristics through careful forest management.

The Vermont Land Trust, and the Universities of Vermont & Massachusetts will hold a Managing for Old Forest Characteristics webinar on June 15th from 9 to 10 am.

This webinar by UVM professor Dr. Tony D’Amato and UMass professor Paul Catanzaro will discuss when it is appropriate to do this kind of management, and how to plan for it.  

This event is perfect for professional foresters and ecologists, as well as forest landowners who are interested in managing their land to help foster old forests, biological diversity, and carbon storage. 

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