Silvicultural Options for Degraded Woodlots webinars

May 10, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Penn State Extension

Forests may become degraded due to unplanned disturbance, damaging forest health events, or improper past management. Often, these disturbances result in variable and complex conditions within a forest that make it difficult to apply standard/common management approaches with predictable and successful outcomes. Therefore, some creativity by managers is needed in restoring function to these degraded forests.

Penn State Extension will hold two one-hour Silvicultural Options for Degraded Woodlots webinars on May 10th at noon and 7 pm

Many different forest managers in the Allegheny Forest Health Collaborative have cooperatively developed some common strategies for managing degraded forest stands.

In these Silvicultural Options for Degraded Woodlots webinars, we will discuss factors to consider when making silvicultural decisions in degraded stands as well as some common scenarios and their corresponding recommended management approaches.

To take part in one of these webinars, register at Pennsylvania Forest Seminar: Silvicultural Options for Degraded Woodlots (