Sustaining our Oak Forests webinar

May 12, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 1:15 pm
Ruffed Grouse Society

The Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society will hold a The Long View: Sustaining our Oak Forests webinar on May 12th from 11 am to 1:15 pm EDT

Throughout history oak forests have been appreciated for their enormous ecological, economic, and social value. These benefits are widely acknowledged, but successfully managing oak forests is no easy task. It requires knowledge, forethought, and patience.

Due to land-use history, fire suppression, and poor forest management,we are gradually losing our oak forests throughout the Central Hardwood Region and Eastern United States. In this webinar, we will take the “Long View” by looking back in time to see how human history has influenced the oak forests we have today. This historical grounding will allow us to look forward and consider how our actions today can ensure we restore and sustain oak forests into the future.

This webinar will provide an understanding of the history of our oak forests and their value to people and wildlife. We will look more closely at current research and how these dynamic forests grow and change in the face of natural and human disturbances.

Speakers will then share practical examples of far-reaching, thoughtful forest management on family land and how those examples can be replicated to perpetuate our oak forests throughout the Central Hardwood Region and Eastern United States.

This event will provide 2 Continuing Education Credits through the Society of American Foresters and The Wildlife Society.


11 am: Welcome and Introduction — Charlie Faires, RGS

11:05 – 11:20 am:                  Land-use History of Upland Oak Forests of the Central Hardwood Region — Mason Danheim, North Carolina Forest Service

11:20 – 11:50 am:                 The Birds and the Bees: Songbird and Pollinator Responses to Oak Regeneration in the Central Appalachian Mountains — Dr. D.J. McNeil, Pennsylvania State University

11:50 am – Noon:                Break

Noon – 12:30 pm:               Ecology and Silviculture of Upland Oak Forests — Dr. Daniel Dey, United States Forest Service

12:30 – 12:50 pm:               A Practical Strategy for Managing Oak Forests — Chris Will, Central Kentucky Forest Management

12:50 – 1:05 PM: Panel Discussion

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