The Financial Dynamics of Designing with Mass Timber webinar

April 17, 2024 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wood Works

Teams working to maximize the benefits of mass timber while managing costs require a nuanced understanding of the design, procurement, fabrication, and construction process.

WoodWorks will hold a The Financial Dynamics of Designing with Mass Timber webinar on April 17th from 1 to 2 pm ET

Among the questions to be discussed are:

  • Keeping mass timber volumes to a minimum is key to cost-effectiveness, but can it be to the detriment of other systems in the building?
  • How should connections be designed and detailed with cost in mind while factoring in manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, constructability and tolerances, and code and design requirements?
  • What influence should transportation, material handling, and on-site logistics (including construction schedule targets) have on building layout and design?
  • Are there key performance indicators that can be applied to projects to evaluate whether they’re in an appropriate range at first glance?

This webinar, presented by Ricky McLain from WoodWorks and Nicholas Sills from Whirlwind Consultants, will explore the financial implications of crucial design decisions, equipping architects, structural engineers, contractors, and real estate developers with the practical know-how necessary to create cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and structurally sound mass timber buildings.

To take part in this webinar, register at The Financial Dynamics of Designing with Mass Timber – WoodWorks | Wood Products Council