Looking for Funding for a Habitat Project?

Looking for Funding for a Habitat Project?

Private and municipal landowners of conserved lands can apply for grant funding to support active habitat management projects that benefit wildlife and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities. MassWildlife’s Habitat Management Grant Program (MHMGP) provides financial assistance for projects that:

  • improve habitat for game species (species that are hunted, fished, and trapped),
  • manage for State Wildlife Action Plan species, with an emphasis on State Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern species, and
  • enhance habitat in ecological communities disproportionally susceptible to climate change.

Investment in habitat restoration and management is urgently needed on public and private lands across the state. To address this need, MassWildlife and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs have substantially increased their investment in habitat management on state wildlife lands and are committed to working with partners to promote these efforts on conserved lands across the state. Over the past 7 years, the MHMGP has awarded over $2.4M in funding to 35 different organizations and individuals for 92 habitat improvement projects.

Until July 15 landowners who want to apply for a Habitat Management Grant can get technical assistance from Mass Wildlife. If you are interested in speaking to a MassWildlife Habitat Biologist about habitat management on your property or your eligibility for the MHMGP, please contact James Burnham, Program Coordinator.

If your project site is within priority habitat (check here), a pre-review of the project is highly encouraged. Please email Emily Holt, Senior Endangered Species Review Biologist with a site map and description of the project to begin the pre-review process.  Retain copies of the feedback provided, as proof of consultation will be needed during the MHMGP application process. Requests for pre-reviews should be made at least 3 weeks before the MHMGP application deadline.

Grant applications will be accepted starting July 15, 2022 and are due by August 31, 2022. Technical assistance on potential grant application projects needs to be completed by the opening of the application period. Visit the MHMGP webpage at any time to learn more about the application process and to see examples of funded projects.