Setting the Record Straight on Wendell State Forest

21 Aug

Like many of our members, MFA has been monitoring the situation in Wendell State Forest, where a group has been protesting against DCR’s forest management work. Things heated up in August when John H. Conkey and Sons Logging returned to Wendell to finish the job that was started last fall. Like you, we’ve been disturbed by the protesters’ tactics, including approaching working logging equipment in an extremely dangerous manner.

MFA has been in touch with Ken Conkey about the situation. Like many, we’ve been unhappy with much of the media coverage of the protests, which is often missing important context and background information. We’ve reached out to editors and reporters to clarify, and asked they contact us for comment when writing stories about the issue.

As part of this effort, we submitted an opinion article to papers covering the protests in mid-August. We’re unsure if or when this piece will run – we have submitted articles before that weren’t printed until more than four months after submission – but you can read an online version by clicking here.

We’ll continue to do outreach with the press and monitor the situation to support our members and push back on incorrect or misleading stories.