Woods Emergencies Workshops in April & May

Woods Emergencies Workshops in April & May

Do you know what to do if someone gets hurt in the woods?  Do you carry emergency supplies to treat an injury?  How will you call for help?  How will emergency responders find you?  Can they get an ambulance to the patient, or will they need to carry someone out a long distance?

Medical emergencies can happen any time in the woods.  Injuries can range from a minor ankle sprain or splinter to major emergencies like cardiac arrests or trauma from a logging accident.  Whatever kind of problem occurs, those on scene need to be prepared to care for a victim until emergency responders arrive.

A few preparations before an incident occurs can greatly improve how the victim fares, and how quick emergency responders can get on scene to begin treatment. 

This spring the Forest Alliance will hold a series of Preparing for Emergencies in the Woods workshops for foresters and loggers around the state.  The workshops will be taught by Michael Szewczynski, a retired Amherst paramedic and former licensed harvester.

The Woods Emergencies workshops will explain:

  • How to prepare for woods emergencies
  • Supplies to keep on the job site
  • How to get help quickly to the scene
  • How to do basic First Aid and CPR
  • What to do until help arrives

The workshops will help meet the OSHA logging regulation’s requirements that all woods workers be trained in First Aid & CPR.

Workshops will be held at

April 21st       Hinsdale Fire Station      134 Maple Street, Hinsdale                   8:30 am to 3 pm                   

April 25th       Athol Public Library             568 Main Street, Athol                        9 am to 3:30 pm

April 28th       Polish American Club           46 S. Main Street, South Deerfield              8:30 am to 3 pm                       

May 4th          Sturbridge Fire Station         346 Main Street, Sturbridge                       8:30 am to 3 pm


These workshops are being put on with assistance from a grant from the USDA Forest Service.

Cost to attend one of these workshops is $30 for MFA members, $40 for non-members.  

The workshops are approved for 6 Mass Forester License Credits in Category II.  Mass & CT harvester credits are pending.

The fee includes refreshments, CFEs, and all workshop materials. Attendees should bring their lunch

To sign up for one of these workshops, call Greg Cox at 413 339-5526 or email gcox@crocker.com..