Climate Forestry Practices, BMPs & Forest Health Workshop in Shelburne Falls June 4th

Climate Forestry Practices, BMPs & Forest Health Workshop in Shelburne Falls June 4th

The Mass Forest Alliance and Mass DCR will hold a Climate-Informed Forest Management Practices and Incentives, BMPs, and Forest Health Workshop on Tuesday, June 4th from 2 – 5 pmat the Shelburne-Buckland Community Center at 53 Main Street, Shelburne Falls.

Speakers at the workshop include:

Alison Wright-Hunter, DCR Service Forester will discuss the results of the Timber Harvester Survey, with insights into the effects of climate change and weather on harvesting operations, costs, and implementation of best management practices (BMPs). She will also discuss new and innovative ideas around BMPs related to extreme weather, and cover required Massachusetts BMPs.

Josh Rapp, Senior Ecologist from Mass Audubon, will present on how climate-informed/climate-smart forestry practices can increase forest resilience and protect and enhance forest carbon.

Sara Wisner, DCR Program Analyst, will present on DCR’s Climate Stewardship Incentive Program (C-SIP), which offers financial incentives to integrate climate-smart practices into a timber harvest.

Jacob Macko, DCR Service Forester will present on DCR’s new Timber Mat Program, which offers cost-share to timber harvesters to purchase timber mats to protect soils during a timber harvest. He will discuss the program and best management practices for using the mats during a harvest.

Mike Barry, Forester from NRCS, will present on the various forestry practices cost-share and incentives offered by NRCS, and discuss the NRCS Conservation Stewardship Program.

Casey Duggan, DCR Forest Health Specialist, will share the latest news on insects and diseases impacting Massachusetts forests.

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