Water Infiltration and Improved Soil Carbon Storage webinar

September 15, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
$0 to $10
Ecological Landscape Alliance
617 436-5838

The Ecological Landscape Alliance will hold a Water Infiltration and Improved Soil Carbon Storage webinar on September 15th from Noon to 1 pm.

Water infiltration replenishes groundwater and is a normal part of healthy hydrology. Undisturbed soils store carbon, and carbon depleted soils are less productive for food value and have less infiltration capacity.

In the face of climate change and the move toward more resilient practices, both green infrastructure and regenerative agricultural practices offer the same effect: they improve the soil’s ability to infiltrate water and store carbon.

In this presentation, Ann English will explore strategies for increasing the carbon storage capacity of soil, including adding biochar, for increasing both carbon and infiltration capacities. She will also look at techniques for restoring degraded and eroded lands through planting and mulching.

This webinar is free for ELA members, $10 for non-members


For more information or to register, go to https://www.ecolandscaping.org/event/webinar-water-infiltration-and-improved-soil-carbon-storage/